“Robynne is fantastic. I love her. She has helped me so much. Multiple services are offered and she’s just an incredible healer. I can’t say enough good things about her and Dragonfly Healing Arts” – S.B.

“Robynne is a very capable healer. I always feel better after seeing her!” – G.W.

“I had been seeing Robynne weekly for some time for acupuncture, and finally summoned the courage to ask if she performed treatments to help with aging skin and fine lines… I thought it would be great to try it while having my regular treatment – kind of an added bonus to something I already greatly enjoy! Without hesitation, she added a few painless points. That night when I walked through the door at home and greeted my husband, he looked at me a bit longer than usual and said, ‘Hi pretty! Wow, you look beautiful tonight.’ A few hours later when we were preparing for bed and debriefing about our day, I told my husband about the new points Robynne did. He stopped brushing his teeth immediately and dropped his jaw, speechless for a moment. Then he said, ‘I’m not sure I want to tell you this because I don’t think we want to spring for daily acupuncture treatments, but tonight when you came home, I was stunned at how beautiful you looked. I thought you were radiant, your skin was glowing and you looked really young.’ As you can imagine, I am now looking forward to this added benefit of acupuncture weekly! Acupuncture has been great for my body, soul, and inner beauty. I never would have imagined it could help with outer beauty as well.” – A.W.

“Robynne’s healing skills are matched only by her complete knowledge of each patient’s individual issues and her commitment to restoring wellness. It’s not just a provider/patient relationship, it’s a trusted friendship that will endure.” – N.B.


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